JORAGO 10’’Selfie Ring Light with Retractable Tripod Adjustable Stand




✨【3 × 10 brightness setting】?JORAGO ring comes with a stand, with a 10-inch (about 25.4 cm) large LED light, so you no longer have shadows or dark movement on your face; there are 3 colors and 10 brightness, you can easily adjust Meet your needs, help make your video/photo quality and increase the good lighting function.
✨【Adjustable pole + metal bracket】? LED ring light is designed with aluminum alloy pole, which is easy to assemble, and can be set in various heights from 4.9 inches (about 10.0 cm) to 15 inches (about 38.0 cm) for various needs; The metal tripod is sturdy and durable, and can be pasted in place; the 1/4 inch (about 0.6 cm) screw under the base can be connected to other devices.
✨【Universal mobile phone holder】? There is an adjustable mobile phone holder in the center of the light to make selfies easier; the neck is flexible and the holder can be extended to 3.6 inches (approximately 9.1 cm) wide, which is suitable for almost all with or without a protective shell Smart phone, horizontal or vertical or any ideal angle you want.
✨【Bluetooth remote shutter】?The Bluetooth remote control can be used with your phone camera to activate the shutter; it supports a maximum of 10 meters, is suitable for Android and iOS systems; USB power supply, Convenient for indoor and outdoor use.✨【Multi-purposes】? As a feature of adjustable tripod height and brightness, it can be used as a desk lamp or floor lamp at will. Suitable for living room, study room, baby room, bathroom or office.

JORAGO 10 INCH RING LIGHT Enjoy Your Live Provide color temperature white/ warm white/ warm yellow lighting; Help you remove shadows and light up the background; Offers you beautiful lighting for your selfie, makeup, recording video, live streaming.
Adjustable Light Color and Brightness Color Modes: Cold, Warm Cold and Warm.
Dimmable Feature: 10 level of brightness in each mode.
360 Rotation Angle for ring light The adjustable 360 Rotation tripod head allows you to find the perfect angle to light up your subject, making your photograph or live streaming package included:
1 x 10″ ring light
1 x hot shoe mount
1 x phone clip
1 x metal desk tripod stand


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